The Centro d'Ompio is an international seminar center for congresses, seminars, workshops, trainings of integral meaning, for inspiration and learning, as well as their implementation on a personal as well as instutional level.

The seminar campus serves as an inspirational platform and as an instrument for gathering eligible initiatives for spiritual renewal in commerce, culture and society. In this manner the Centro d'Ompio supports personality and consciousness development in the individual and the development of our society.

Over the past 28 years, our cultural association has developed into one of the leading international seminar centers for a wide spectrum of learning opportunities: management and leadership training on the one hand as well as seminars on cultural, health and spirituality on the other.

The Centro d'Ompio is known beyond Europe's borders for its hospitality, for creativity and joy, freedom and care. Ethical criteria, as well as religious tolerance, wholistic health, multicultural diversity, consciousness development, attentiveness and conservation of our natural resources are practiced values.

The place you will never forget


Core Values

buddha 2

While we never quite manage to live up to our ideals, we still need ideals to strive towards... Here are our Core Values that we try to live in our daily work and being together.

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Facilities & Surroundings

centro d ompio main house

Centro d'Ompio covers an area of 100'000 square meters with gardens, terraces, chestnut forest, meadows, all connected with walking trails, which lead by creeks, springs and a pond.

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Seminar & Retreat


Centro d'Ompio offers its services to groups and workshop leaders.
We also welcome you to organize a festival, corporate events or other types of seminars.

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Working Guest

working guest

This special program allows you to experience the Centro d'Ompio as a living and work environment.We offer "Working Guests" cost-free limited stays of 4 to 6 weeks.

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