Have you ever thought of celebrating your special occasions such as birthday or an anniversary with us here at Centro D’Ompio? We also welcome you to organize a corporate events or other types of seminars.

We’re here to help you in the organization of your event. During the event you will be assisted by our dedicated team, intent on welcoming your participants, making them feel at home and creating the perfect space and atmosphere that will fit you and your guests.

We’d like to tell you a little bit more about what we can offer and why we think Centro d’Ompio could be the right place for your event…

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Team work in Centro is essential and deeply connected at all working positions. The success of our work is always the outcome of a combination of roles which integrate and compliment one another: from the Care/Cleaning to the Handyman/Maintenance departments; from the Kitchen to the Office, staff members are renewing their annual commitment, offering their services in supporting the groups and seminars taking place here and ultimately to making our guests feel at home.

At the moment we are busy with the closing down activities: in depth cleaning, collecting material, and taking inventory. Once the season is over and the last of our guests has left, we’ll commence maintenance work to renew and refresh the Centro for the next season.

Centro work this year has once again been supported by our “Working Guests”.


We want to announce the name of the winner of the last Sweepstake: Christiane Ritter, from Germany, who has won a free weekend at Centro d'Ompio for two people!

The question was: How many different species of bamboo are present on Centro d'Ompio land?

And the right answer is: 15 different species.

So Christiane, congratulations again and see you at Centro!


At the beginning of September John Button and Francesca Simonetti returned to Centro d'Ompio to run another seminar, part of the Permaculture Project that Centro has chosen to support.

The Permaculture Project belongs to a field where Centro, since its inception, has taken a clear position of eco-friendliness.

The special location and structure of Centro d'Ompio yields Nature pride of place in all of her elements: from the Lake to the Mountain, from the Forest to all the variety of flowers, trees and animals...



On the 14th of August we have been glad to receive here the afro-italian band Zimboita who took us through a night of very involving music and dance..
The week after, on the 21st of August, we hosted another big band performing an amazing concert for us: Prem Joshua and his Band.

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We've been busy maintaining our paths and buildings here at Centro d'Ompio. We've made some gentle renovations to our main building and Casa Felicina, putting stone, stone tiles and wood to good use in and around our seminar buildings. We renovated and added to our pathways, interior flooring, and terraces.