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We've been busy maintaining our paths and buildings here at Centro d'Ompio. We've made some gentle renovations to our main building and Casa Felicina, putting stone, stone tiles and wood to good use in and around our seminar buildings. We renovated and added to our pathways, interior flooring, and terraces.

Main House

"New Paths, New Floors" best describes the changes we've made to our main building. We lay new stone floors in Rooms 1 -3. We lay stonework on the path between the dining hall and our offices so one can walk between these areas during wet weather and not get one's feet wet.



Office pathway


Pool House

The ceramic tiles on the Pool House terrace have been removed and replaced with stone tiling. And we cut back the vegetation and repainted the facade, as well. We decked the Cipolla (Onion) massage hut, near the Dome, with tar shingles, too.




Pool house terrace


Casa Felicina

Casa Felicina, our second seminar building, has a new appearance. Visitors now come in through the new entry gate. The pergola has new nature stone walls and a new pond for the goldfish, which has been planted with water lillies. We renovated the kitchen, too, with a new floor, furniture and kitchen appliances, making the house even more comfortable. Since last year, there's a new grand piano in the Dining Room for music fans. There's also a new covered terrace at the back of the building between the lower guest rooms and the rear entrance to the seminar room.




Felicina door



Felicina terrace


Centro-1408-FelicinaBrunnen-540  Centro-1408-FElicinaTErrasse1-540

Felicina well, terrace


Centro 1408 Kueche1 540  Centro-1408-GehwegPergola-540

Felicina ktichen, Pathway pergola


Elisa & the Centro d'Ompio team