Afro Retreat

31.07 - 07.08

Singing and drumming

Musical experience is not necessary, the workshop caters for all abilities and we will ensure everyone is taken care of. The workshops cover at least 9 hours of African drumming and 9 hours of African choir singing each. One night there will be a drum circle. The course here is very flexible and if it is only one course you would like to book on (either drumming or singing) that is fine, and if you want to participate just as a companion, booking no course, also no problem. Everybody is welcome!
There will be plenty of time for excursions, to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the lake wich is only a 20 mins walk downhill. Due to the flexible nature of our workshops, we are able to arrange a day trip, if the participants choose, and workshops would be run during the evening to accommodate this.
During the course we will be based at Casa Felicina, Centro d´Ompio. The accommodation has basic rooms with 2,3 or 4 beds, and delicious Italian vegetarian food. Arrangements can be made if you would prefer to camp or use camper van, also for external accommodation if you would prefer a single room. In that case please let us know in advance.
The workshops will be in German, English, French and maybe Italian (depending on the participants), but primarily the language of music :) !!!
Djembé drumming means: Fun! - from the very first moment! Even without any previous knowledge it's an overwhelming feeling to hear the first sound of the drum, resonating through your whole body.
Fun whilst learning is of primary importance, this is what Doris through 25 years of experience, ensures - teaching joy and the techniques of drumming at the same time.
West African rhythms can be complex - but Doris' clear and steady approach gives enough time for every participant to develop a sense of the rhythm to perceive it. That special moment when the penny drops and you can suddenly feel the groove ... it's just awesome!
For the advanced participants Doris brings in not only new rhyhtms  - be it 4/4, or 12/8 -  but also lots of variations and solo patterns. So one or the other well known and internalised rhyhtms could reveal aspects that might not have apparent before. Her motto: Let your hands dance and your soul smile.
The African choir workshop will be taught by Susanne, who is a teacher and very experienced choir leader. Since 1995 she has specialized in traditional African choir music from Central and South Africa and how to teach it. Founder and choir leader of the Tübingen choir Afrikor ( and popular workshop leader of African choir music. 
She has intensivly studied African choral and percussion on several study tours in South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Senegal in order to collect a vast repertoire of local songs and to get inspired by local choirs. Due to her experience and strong teaching style she is successful in teaching the melodies, rhythm and also the language of African songs effortlessly and without sheet music to both expert and inexperienced singers.
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Afro Retreat

Susanne Frische, Doris Möller-Dannahauer

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English, German, Italian, French