16.06 - 22.06

Intuitionstraining - Mit natürlicher Weisheit zu einem erfüllten Leben


Intuition Training - With natural wisdom to a fulfilled life


"Where am I and where am I going?"

You will devote yourself to this question during a time period in which you give over to yourself exclusively, to your life, your path - towards more serenity, truth and joy.

In a caring and deeply touching atmosphere we open up to a higher intelligence within ourselves to receive information from there.

We use the time together, to experience each instant consciously connected to this source, in the group, in being alone (all-one), through exercises, through silence, meditation, dancing, laughing and joy.

We reactivate access to the source of timeless wisdom within ourselves, allowing to be guided by it in our daily lives, starting to do one step after another with growing ease.

„Remember! – Every cell in your body is awakening, to feel the clarity and strength, that you are in truth. To choose your inner voice as your first guidepost, means growing effotlessness, serenity and joy connected to the deepest truth within you.“ Satya


English / german / italian


Seminarleader Satya Wilmsen                                              

After a successful business career she dedicated many years to self inquiry and exploration of the essence of personhood. Nowadays it is her greatest joy to facilitate the personal and professional development of her clients. She is known for her unique ability to touch people deeply and assist them in activating their individual potential.


Seminartimes: Sunday, 16th June 2019, 5 pm, to saturday, 22nd June 2019, 2 pm


Costs 680 Euro plus full board (various categories)


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Satya Wilmsen

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English, German, Italian