Meditate & Regenerate

20.10 - 26.10



Explore ways of meditation for your daily life

Together and individually we experience very different ways of meditation and contemplation which are mainly possible during your daily activities.

This week oft meditation serves as a first approach as well as for deepening your actual experiences, to discover, enjoy and unfold ways and forms of meditation and stillness.

Various Meditation and experiences combined with multi-faceted exercises Serge to achieve the following:

• Intuitive access to a universal wisdom which goes far beyond the human mind
• Deep experiencing of your own true and infinite nature
• Becoming aware of Habitus, conditionings, mental and emotional mechanisms
• Awareness and continuous presence
• Clearing of the own intentions and visions from unconscious dependencies, entanglements and programs

In the protected space of the group as well as in times of individual meditation the access to the very own power and wisdom opens up. We come home to our very true self, which extends far beyond our conditioned personality. We find the freedom to meet life in a new way.

Practising meditation can release inner blocks and stimulate a lasting natural flow of the individual life-energy. The positive effects you can experience in all areas of life:
• Regenerating sleep
• Stressreduction
• More clearity and inner alignment
• Reduction of exertions
• Lowering of bloodpressure and Cholesterol level
• Strengthening of the immune system

Apart of health benefits meditation guides you into your essence. It activates the connection with the own true being, born out of purest love, joy and an infinite potential that wants to bloom.


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Group Leader Satya Wilmsen                                            

After a successful business career she dedicated many years to self inquiry and exploration of the essence of personhood. Nowadays it is her greatest joy to facilitate the personal and professional development of her clients. She is known for her unique ability to touch people deeply and assist them in activating their individual potential.


Seminartimes: Sunday, 20th October 2019, 5 pm, to saturday, 26th October 2019, 2 pm


Costs 620 Euro plus full board (various categories)


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Meditate & Regenerate

Satya S.M. Wilmsen

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English, German, Italian

Meditate & Regenerate