Respirazione Olotropica - 5 giorni

11.05 - 15.05

Una mapa ampliate dela coscienza: la visione olotropica

In this five-day workshop we will experiment four sessions of Holotropic Breathwork – two as breathers and two as sitters - and we will have the opportunity to deepen its theoretical paradigm.

We will devote space and time to integrate individual experiences with different expressive techniques in a shared context of trust and respect.

An opportunity to widely explore a simple yet complex technique, which trains us to open ourselves trustfully to what we happen to encounter and live, reconnecting with the wisdom of our inner healer and its transformative power. Beyond ourselves towards the great mysterious unknown.

Ólos Trépein, moving towards the whole. This is the main goal in the inten- tion of Stan and Cristina Grof, creators of this technique, extraordinarily efficacious in those critical moments of life in which we have an urgent need to find and orient ourselves.

Respirazione Olotropica - 5 giorni
Respirazione Olotropica - 5 giorni

Holly Harman & Deb Dunning Harman, Daniela Bonelli Bassano, Laura Girelli, Alessandro Pacco, Dario Jucker, Liliana Trovalusci, Michele Metelli

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English, Italian