Thomas Young - Sacred Heart

06.10 - 16.10
Thomas Young - Sacred Heart

Einweihung in das Dritte Auge

"You can only see well with your heart."  The clairvoyant mystic Thomas Young presents the intensive retreat week for initiation into the Third Eye. Many alternative practitioners, therapists, people in teaching and consulting professions struggle for access to timeless spaces of higher truth. Together a foundation is laid in the heart which opens these doors. With an individual initiation for each participant!The challenge of the retreat is to break through into a mystical seeing On the basis of rituals from the tradition of mystery schools, the work aims to transcend security structures of the ego. In the soul slumbering potentials of clairvoyance, clairhearing, clairfeeling and immediate knowing will be invited in. The openness and devotion to lovingly acknowledge and accept everything laying in the shadow is essential and absolutely necessary. An intense and deep journey into the transcendent spaces of our consciousness.Translated with

Thomas Young - Sacred Heart

Thomas Young

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