I am - be & becoming 2021

11.04 - 17.04

Schritte der authentischen Selbstverwirklichung - Steps to Authentic Selfrealization

Becoming new!
Easy Steps to Conscious Selfrealization


Feedback: "The seminar has been of great impact for me. One week in marvellous nature and strong power spots with careful guidance were balm for my soul. Inner doors and gates leading to my true greatness and power got opened lovingly by the powerful presence of Satya and Arne. Many heartfelt thanks to both of you" yogateacher, Freiburg.

In an authentic contact with plants, animals, humans we revive our communication with life in a deep touching way. We come home to our “selves”, at home in this world and connected to all beings, and allow our personal qualities to find their expression and bloom.

Often we live far away from nature und can’t feel anymore its resonance with our soul. Our communication with the alive, with life itself, may appear flat and weak, lost the depth in our life.

Like the strong roots of an old tree also our roots are in nature, beneath our feet. Connected with nature’s forces we can reach the source of our soul and live from there, feeling peace, safeness and joy.

In group, pair and single sessions we observe, we experience the moment right new, the magic of this world, we are part of. Each breath, each heartbeat a miracle of life, a harmonious tone in the symphony of the Divine orchestra.

Make a personal friendship with a tree, explore yourself in dialogue with the wisdom of  a horse, see the glittering of the water in the sun, experience visioncircles, discover sacred places, find inner and outer balance, deep relaxation in your body and in your thinking mind. Allow yourself to be who you really are and to honour and enjoy yourself in this. Allow your creativity to expand. Slip for moments into a timeless sense of connection to Life.

With all our senses we listen to life and to the call from the depth of our soul, to the whispering of the wind, of the waters from the beginning of all times, to the cheerful singing of a  bird, to the call of our sisters and brothers from the animal kingdom, we are closer to than we believe. Each meeting is a call, to come home, to feel from your heart the connectedness.

We remember and enjoy the abundance of life inside and outside on all levels, to take home with us into our daily life what donates inner serenity, growing effortlessness and above all personal unfolding.


Seminarleaders Satya Wilmsen and Arne Zittlau


After a successful business career with different international firms, Satya dedicated many years to self-exploration and the study of the essence of humanness. 
Presently, it is her greatest joy to facilitate the personal and professional development of her clients. She is known for her unique ability to allow her client to enter a quiet and deep space of wisdom within and to activate the individual's potential. To follow our own authentic impulses with courage and radiant joy brings fulfilling experiences of our personal power, well-being, inner peace and serenity.

Nutrition Expert, Holistic Bodywork and Coaching
 Arne holds a Master's degree in Nutritional Science with a focus on Communication and Consultancy. He studied sports and education and is a certified massage therapist.
He has been teaching nutrition, personal development and self-empowerment for many years.
His passion lies in exploring the inner human dimensions and resonance phenomena. This work is supported by his skills in leadership training, time management, holistic bodywork, pranic healing, Reiki, yoga and integrated healing methods, amplified by many years of experience with Native American traditions and Kung Fu experience.    



Sunday, 11th April 2021, 5 pm, to saturday, 17th April 2021, 2 pm



680 Euro plus full board (various categories)

600 Euro eary bird booking until 28th February


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I am -  be & becoming 2021

Satya Wilmsen & Arne Zittlau

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I am -  be & becoming 2021 I am -  be & becoming 2021 I am -  be & becoming 2021 I am -  be & becoming 2021 I am -  be & becoming 2021