In Stille - Ankommen in mir

25.08 - 31.08

Silence retreat with individual mentoring

In Silence — Reconnecting to yourself

with individual mentoring


Listen joyfully to the awakening within and around you

Immersed in the nature of the green hills at Lake Orta, you allow yourself a time out, lively, carefree, childlike pure striving within yourself for the unfolding and blooming of your own unique being in this life, in this world.

You yourself are a bud that urges you to finally be allowed to blossom, to celebrate yourself and your own existance, to remind the whole world of the undescribable treasure of this earthly life.

It needs nothing more than to take your time and space to allow this awakening within you.

Your choice to grant you this magical time, makes life awakening within you by itself. Deep joy and gratitude can really be felt, without any specific reason. You enjoy life, every single moment in its uniqueness never coming back again and giving itself to you.

Satya supports you gently in your silence to connect with the deepest wisdom within yourself. She accompanies you with individual coachings and guided meditation, through which you delve into the silence within yourself. Energywork, dreamwork and yoga are further elements with which Satya works.

Give yourself days of quietude and cleansing

7 days, of which 4 in total silence, meditation, sharings, reflections, group work and exercises will accompany you on your journey to yourself.

“I am… Remember your true dimension which finds its expression here on earth. You are the divine, finding itself within your being human. From a wider perspective, every instant is happening in divine perfection. It is within you and acts through you in every moment.” Satya

Satya radiates a great calm and wisdom. Highest divine energies are channeled through her and activated in others. She is able to empathise deeply with others, to encourage and guide them on their path towards their unique power and clarity, towards their own truth and divine dimension, to their very own highest potential.



English / german / italian 



1,5 days in the group to prepare for the time in silence. 4 days of individual retreat in complete silence starting each day together for 1-2 hours in the morning; followed by an integration within the group for 1,5 days.


Seminarleader Satya Wilmsen

After a successful business career she dedicated many years to self inquiry and exploration of the essence of personhood. Nowadays it is her greatest joy to facilitate the personal and professional development of her clients. She is known for her unique ability to touch people deeply and assist them in activating their individual potential.


Seminartimes: Sunday, 25th August 2019, 5 pm, to saturday, 31rst August 2019, 2 pm


Costs 580 Euro plus full board (various categories)


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Directly with Satya

In Stille - Ankommen in mir

Satya Wilmsen

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English, German, Italian

In Stille - Ankommen in mir In Stille - Ankommen in mir