by Hans-Jörg Müller, axis mundi AKADEMIE

Geomancy and the effect of locations

Are you in a place and feel comfortable there – like being at home - and want to stay forever?  Have you ever wondered why?
What are the factors which influence your thoughts?

Usually it is the harmony between the various factors: the view of the landscape, the impact of the architectural form of the terrain, which generates different lighting conditions, the altitude, the rocks, the climate, the plants all around, or even the atmosphere and the factors which create it.

Geomancy and Feng Shui investigate this ancient science, the places and their qualities and the individual influences which can impact upon all this.

The region around the Lago d'Orta is a landscape in which an individual feels safe and is also still perceived as exciting and impressive. Here are the various factors from which we want to pick out in the following paragraphs  the most interesting ones.

In addition, the geomancy is the art to understand the identity of the landscape. The focus on the levels of the physical and in terms of force, which form the significant spatial qualities, or the effectiveness of mental levels.
These are worlds where the living creatures of nature and the angels of the landscape play a role, and represent some of which are in the style of the organic landscape. Stone beings show themselves in stones, large landscape being formed into the landscape.

The level of organic Geomancy

The ancient cultures that revered the Earth as Mother Goddess, stemmed from the assumption that the archetype of the female body maps in the landscape, in springs, rivers, mountain formations. From the Germanic, the giant Yrmir is known in China is the Urriese Pan Gu survived, of whom it is said, their meat was once the earth, their bones the rocks, trees, and their sweat and hair formed the rivers and lakes.

The soul of the landscape

These are formed from various women's body in the landscape. Dominated by the mistress, the Monte Rosa. This mountain, classified in the large series of power places of the mountain ranges, which is formed from the Atlantic to the Himalayas, and stands opposite the Mont Blanc as a female pole.

As the Monte Rosa stretches to the sky and connects with cosmic and light forces, this is in contrast to the Lake which obtains its energy from the the Earth and the darkness. At the level of the elemental forces, the mountain and lake are like Yin and Yang. This space of depth is found in very few places and the Lago d'Orta is a particularly special place as the power of depth can be so much  in that it can lead to particular emotional depths.

The secret of Lago d'Orta

Lago d'Orta was often described as a dark, mysterious and powerful. Balzac called it »the pearl in a green-gray shrine«. He is such a place at depth.

Of the female elements present in the landscape and figures he is, in the contemplation of the organic geomancy, the most intimate area of the landscape goddess: the family - her vulva. The dark lake leads into the mystery of the interior, in the space of the psyche. As an egg from this perspective, the Isola San Giulio appears - a place of inner spiritual life.

In the area of the lake, the Marian cult is particularly strong, e.g. is the old church of Madonna del Sasso on a promontory overlooking the lake and there is a convent with mythic-traditional background on the island.

The geomancy of Centro d'Ompio

In this natural area, it is both the influences of the surrounding mountains as well as the presence of the lake. At the top of Mount Crabbia, on whose slopes the Centro d'Ompio is located, the landscape is the center for the surrounding area.
Through the south-southwest exposure of Centro d'Ompio manifest the qualities of this direction: self-discovery, self-cultivation, introspection and to the south qualities which are a joy of existence, faith in life, enjoyment, the flow of life remain - ideal conditions for a seminar center oriented body and consciousness, meditation, music, café and sun terrace.

Further down on the hillside is the Casa Felicina - formerly an old farm house and now a second seminar area - which is a very wonderful ethereal,  which offers a life enhancing experience. Here you will be filled with confidence, satisfaction and emotional depth - even while asleep, centeredness and »Earth spirituality«. Here one can study how traditional construction can have a healing effect along with the local rock!

In the vast chestnut forests of the area there are many places of outstanding natural beauty: Free standing,  to the sun and the wind-exposed rock with a great view over the countryside, shady source places; big old mossy stones, and amongst the stones one can almost see them become alive. Also on trees or tree stumps, we found peculiar species of creatures, which come from ancient times and remind us of the inscrutability of Lake Orta.

The mystery of the landscape can be seen in an already open front door: The top of Mount Crabbia is an outstanding place of power, ideal for meditation, strength and quest for vision.
The highest point, the so-called radiating point, was found from a total of three »shell stones« of Centro d'Ompio. These stones have engraved on them shell cups and crosses, which in turn give a clear indication of the former Celtic settlement. The Celts settled mainly in places with great intellectual breadth and the mysterious magic of nature.