dancingWe are a vibrant and international team ensuring the daily operations of this beautiful centre. Some of us have been here over 20 years, others come and go. Happy to welcome dedicated people that are looking for a different working place, where they can make a difference and work on themselves; we welcome people from all walks of life and age.

Apart from our volunteers, we have also permanent staff members who hold the key positions and some of them also stay at the centre through the winter months.

We are always happy to welcome new people in our team if they bring the right mind-set and motivation.
Currently we are working on improving our operation, in order to provide better service and position the centre for the years to come.


This special program allows you to experience the Centro d'Ompio as a living and work environment.

We offer "Working Guests" cost-free limited stays of 4 to 6 weeks. For 25 hours of work per week over five days "Working Guests" receive room and board plus free participation in those of our programs you may wish to join. Work is of the following variety: kitchen help, washing up, housecleaning, gardening, or office work. Furthermore there is the possibility of project oriented collaboration. We would be glad if you would like to bring your experience and/or professional know-how (also in artistic areas) to the Centro d'Ompio.

The actual "gift" is the day to day living with its intendant values. These are of great importance to us: communal living and working with attentiveness and joy, taking personal responsibility, and development of consciousness in an atmosphere of sustainability. In daily practice these values are expressed in Sharings, Meditiation, Qi Gong and Yoga, communal singing and dancing, sweat lodges and many more activities.

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You can find more information + feedback of previous working guests on Worldpackers web site:


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